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Dr. Veerula Corrects 

Tongue & Lip Ties With Laser.


     Dr. Veerula has been treating tongue-ties surgically since 1992. In 2016, he underwent laser training and has exclusively been treating tongue-ties & lip-ties with a laser. 50% of his patients are above 18 months. Dr. Veerula treats patients of all ages with this procedure. Most of his patients are between newborn to 8 years old, who have been struggling since infancy with a variety of complications from untreated symptomatic tongues-ties, such as feeding issues (reflux), anxiety-related issues, and speech difficulties among others.

     Dr. Veerula has over two decades of experience specializing in the surgical management of tongue tie issues and has a particular interest in the management of breastfeeding difficulties for tongue and lip-tied infants and their mothers. Dr. Veerula works closely with regional lactation consultants, pediatricians, family doctors and midwives to identify and treat these conditions early to optimize infant feeding and development. Dr. Veerula has performed well over three thousand tongue and lip-tie release procedures over the course of his career. Often infants with feeding difficulties can be seen in the office within days if the referral and, in appropriate cases, the indicated procedure(s) can be performed on the day of the initial consultation.


    Dr. Veerula is excited to welcome new patients into his practice. Remember, you have a choice in your healthcare -- let your doctor know that you want to be seen by Dr. Veerula at Jefferson Pediatrics, PC!


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"Prior to having Dr. Veerula perform this procedure, I had severe pain when attempting to breastfeed.  After the procedure, my son was able to feed pain-free for the first time ever. He had a posterior tongue tie and an upper lip tongue tie. This prevented proper latch for his first 4 weeks of life. Since he was so young, I was concerned about using scissors since they can cause additional scar tissue and have a higher risk of reattachment.  Dr. Veerula reassured me of the benefits of using a laser over scissors, highlighting the advantage new technology can provide for my son. The most important benefit of using a laser over scissors is how much more control Dr. Veerula has over the amount of tissue released, which minimizes bleeding and the possibility of reattachment. My son healed quickly and Dr. Veerula’s aftercare protocol was effective and compassionate."


—  Sarah 02/26/18

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