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Giridhar Veerula MD, FAAP, Double Board Certified


     Welcome to Jefferson Pediatrics! I am excited to be involved in your child's journey in becoming a happy, responsible, and healthy individual.


    I graduated in 1979 from the Institute of Medical Sciences, Osmania University-Hyderabad in Southern India. After practicing briefly in India and Jamaica, W.I.,  I completed my pediatric residency in Galveston, Texas.  Soon after I started my practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1995 and has been serving the local Fort Wayne community ever since. In early 2014, I became certified in holistic integrated medicine.


   With a staff of talented and caring professionals, Jefferson Pediatrics is dedicated to the wellness and health of all children in a very happy patient friendly environment. It is my belief that, with the help of comprehensive approach of prevention and treating illnesses, parents' should be able to keep their children healthy and happy in school and on the playground free of nagging, recurring medical problems, rather than frequently being in the doctors' offices, hospitals and perennially going through the  pharmacy drive-through's picking up a bunch of endless medical prescriptions.


    I firmly believe that preventive care is an important treatment component. My staff and I strive to counsel patients and families on the importance of healthy lifestyles in addition to providing 24/7 medical care.

I specialize in Integrative Medicine and Holistic Pediatrics, with a special focus on Autism, Lactation Consultation, and Wellness changes. 

I also perform laser frenulectomy for tongue-tied conditions at a separate rate, with dramatic improvement in speech, digestion, and overall health in children and young adults. 


Thank you for choosing Jefferson Pediatrics.





                                                                                      Dr. Veerula

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