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Finding Purpose Through Our Patients

Our Story




Our office was started by Dr. Giridhar Veerula in 1995 with one goal in mind : make a difference in the health and wellness of the beautiful community of Fort Wayne. We strive to be a community leader by delivering complete pediatric and family services at one location. We are here to help you with your children’s health care needs and believe in working with you to ensure that you and your children achieve optimal health.

Our goal is to see families happy and healthy! From infancy to preschool all the way through adulthood. 


Our vision is to help every patient achieve their best health by empowering them  through a holistic approach to Pediatrics and Family health care. With open minds and an eagerness to teach, we will explore the opportunities for you and your children to understand how optimal health can be achieved.


Our staff believe that the most common illnesses and abnormal behaviors that plague our community can be avoided, prevented, reduced, or even eliminated through holistic methods.  Nutrition and Lifestyle changes are an important tool in the management of a significant number of illnesses, Our staff actively works with many individuals and families  to overcome their problems and minimize the burden of  illnesses. Partnering with our patients is our passion. Together we will find workable solutions specific to your needs.




3919 West Jefferson Blvd, Suite 1
Fort Wayne IN 46804



9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday
(Lunch hour 12:30-1:30)


Phone: 260.436.7722 Ext: O

Fax 260.459.0012

After Hours  on-call availability for Emergency Only


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